5 Benefits of Artificial Turf in the Front and Backyard

Natural green grass is really wonderful, for sure. Aside from it is healthy to have in the backyard, it also gives a sense of authenticity when you know that what you have in your property is something real. However, this also does not mean that artificial turf cannot par the benefits that natural green grass and turf can provide. In fact, every fan and player know that artificial turf has provided them a good place for their sports. But it is not the only thing that artificial turf can be used very successfully. Artificial turf has been also used by residents in different urban areas especially those drought-tolerant areas. If you have not tried artificial turf before, you can contact landscaping Beaverton Oregon to provide you options about artificial turf and other landscaping services.  

So, going back, what are the benefits of artificial turf and should you try having them in your backyard? 

1. The grass is greener and perfectly aesthetic.  

While real grass is good, they change color from green to yellow to brown whey they are dead. Also, the weather affects how green your turf will be. To summarize, you will never achieve that same consistent green throughout the year.  

This is not something that you will experience with synthetic turf as it remains dark green in different seasons.  

2. It saves money 

Artificial turf does not require any maintenance that real turf needs. No mowing, water, fertilizers, soil check, herbicide to kill the weed, etc. – nada. This frees you from any maintenance costs. 

3. It is environmentally-friendly 

Artificial turf will never require any maintenance that would use electric-powered equipment like lawn equipment, mowing, etc. Also, there are synthetic grass and turf that are made from recycled materials, and this means that you are helping the environment if you purchase this recycled material.  

Also, natural turf will require chemicals just like pesticide, herbicide, and fertilizers to remain healthy – which all negatively affect our environment. Turf that is synthetic will never require any of those.  

4. It does not need water and maintenance 

Some parts of the world, especially in Africa, do not get clean water. You are helping to conserve water when you choose to have a synthetic turf as this does not require any water or maintenance at all.  

Also, you will have a lot of time not dealing with common problems that natural grass and turf bring like a weed, lack of sunlight, lack of nutrients, decay, pest infestation, mowing, etc.  With synthetic turf, you are free from all of these and you can spend some time with your family and personal commitments. 

5. It is cost-effective 

After all that we mentioned here, especially when it comes to maintenance, it is evident that synthetic turf saves you more money than having natural green grass. Aside from it requires no maintenance at all, and it can last for several years, you can even recycle the materials wherever you need it.  

If you are interested in installing artificial turf in your backyard, contact your trusted company and they will surely give you a satisfying service.